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to be completed by the Speaker and submitted with a resume or vita (can upload within the form below)
View BBS regulation regarding CALPCC CE Course Content

About Continuing Education Course Content:

Any  course  for  which  CALPCC  awards  CE  credits  must  meet  BBS  regulations,  that  began July  2015,  as  follows:

  1. Courses shall meet the requirements relevant the practice of professional clinical counseling as set forth in  4999.76 of the Code.
  2. The  content  of  the  course  shall  be  based  upon  a  methodological,  theoretical, research,  or  practice  knowledge base,  and;
    1. demonstrate  credibility  through  the  involvement  of  the  broader  mental  health practices,  education,  and  science  communities  in  studying  or  applying  the  findings, procedures,  practices  or  theoretical  concepts;  or
    2.  be related to ethical,  legal,  statutory or regulatory policies,  guidelines,  and standards that impact each respective practice.
  3.  Each  continuing  education  course  shall  have: written educational goals and specific learning objectives that are measurable and serve as 
    1. a  basis for an evaluation of the effectiveness of the course;
    2.  an evaluation mechanism that allows each participant to evaluate the continuing education course;
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