CALPCC Disaster Response Committee


To educate professional clinical counselors on disaster mental health and crisis response; to coordinate with other healthcare providers throughout the state; to plan for a comprehensive mental health response in the event of a disaster/critical incident; and to promote service as mental health responders during disasters and other critical incidents.


  • To offer official American Red Cross disaster mental health responder training to attendees at annual conferences
  • To provide continuing education to members on the topics of crisis response and trauma at our annual conference
  • To serve as an active member with the California Disaster Mental Health Coalition and interact with other stakeholders throughout the state
  • To encourage disaster mental health response service through the promotion of the Red Cross training and volunteer database registration
  • To provide resources for disaster mental health and crisis response through a dedicated web page on the CALPCC website


  • American Counseling Association offers fact sheets on Disaster Mental Health topics:  View
  • ACA: Counselors Role on a Disaster Response Team:  View PDF
  • ACA: Providing Mental Health Services to Clients in Crisis or Disaster Situations:  View PDF
  • American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Training: View Webpage
  • California Disaster Behavioral/Mental Health Framework:  (Link coming soon)
  • California Disaster Mental Health Coalition: View Webpage
  • Center for Deployment Psychology Offers Free and Low Cost Training on Crisis and Trauma Response, including PTSD treatments: View WebSite
  • Counseling Today: When Tragedy Hits Close to Home:  View Webpage

Call To Action:

Register with the American Red Cross through the Volunteer Connection domain of their website.  Red Cross Website

If you meet any of the following certification/licensure (in good standing) requirements, you are eligible to complete training with the ARC:

  • LPCC, LCSW, LMFT, Licensed Psychologist
  • PPS credential as a school counselor or school psychologist
  • Certification as a Psychiatric RN or Psychiatrist

After completing the full Disaster Mental Health responder training, you will become eligible to serve as a Disaster Mental Health Worker with the Red Cross and will be added to the ARC’s email list which details mental health needs.

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