CALPCC Executive Director 

The California Association for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor was established in 2010 as a nonprofit professional membership association that provides leadership for legislative, advocacy and promotional efforts on behalf or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCCs) in California. Its purpose is to build and support recognition and effective utilization of LPCCs in California as distinct and valuable providers within the clinical mental health profession, as well as to provide community building and professional development for its members through workshops, conferences and virtual methods of communication. The association has made great strides in its first seven years.

This position will provide tremendous opportunities for the right leader, who can take the organization to the next level by increasing income and building membership at an important time in its development. Working with a Board that is committed to building the profession and protecting the LPCC license in California, the successful Executive Director of CALPCC will provide strategic direction and run the operations of our organization.


The Executive Director provides strategic direction for all activities of the Association as prescribed by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director shall speak for the Association to legislative entities, the Board of Behavioral Sciences and be the person in the Association responsible for day-to-day management functions. As Executive Director, he/she shall define the duties of the staff, supervise its performance, and delegate those responsibilities of management as shall, in his/her judgment, be in the best interests of the Association. The Executive Director shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of the Board.


  • Assist the Board to develop strategies that (a) protect the value of the LPCC license; (b) maximize membership to CALPCC; and (c) ensure the viability and vibrancy of the CALPCC organization.
  • Supervise and coordinate the work of CALPCC contractors: Web/Membership Database Manager, Advertising Coordinator, and Lobbyist
  • Respond to questions from CALPCC members and the public about the intricacies of LPCC license.
  • Represent CALPCC and advocate for LPCCs to the Board of Behavioral Sciences, the State Legislature, the sister professions, university programs and other mental health organizations.


  • Ability to earn respect for CALPCC and the LPCC in the mental health community, including the sister professions, the legislature and the public
  • Ability to communicate clearly both verbally (testify at the legislature, speak to groups) and in writing (website content, letters to legislators, etc.)
  • Ability to see the goal and work with others to achieve it
  • Ability to be a “self-starter” and work with others by email and/or phone contact


Education: Master’s degree required. Doctorate level training preferred.
Experience: Three to five years administrative experience and/or leadership of a non-profit organization or professional association is required. Training and experience in the counseling profession, mental health, licensure and legislative advocacy is preferred. However, individuals with a commitment to the profession and demonstrated skill set in keeping with the required tasks of the job description will also be considered.


Opportunity to work at home on the computer and phone
Monthly travel to Sacramento or other California cities for meetings
Part time with flexible hours (20-30 hours weekly average)
Required to attend quarterly BBS Board meetings and committee meetings, monthly CALPCC Board meetings and Executive Committee meetings, and other monthly/quarterly CALPCC meetings as needed.
Collaborate with Board members to determine committee meeting times


Salary is commensurate with resources available to a new and growing organization. Travel expenses are reimbursed. The potential for growth is great and the Executive Director’s compensation will grow as the association grows.


Complete the Executive Director Application on the CALPCC website (
Upload application and current resume.
Please include a cover letter detailing your interest and perceived fit for this position.
The position will remain open until the right candidate is identified.


QUESTIONS? Send an email to

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