FAQ: Grandparenting Path Requirements Compared to Traditional Licensure Path Requirements

The deadline for grandparenting applications was December 31, 2011.

How do the requirements for the Grandparenting Path differ from those of the Traditional Path?

Education: Grandparenting Path applicants must meet all the education requirements of the Traditional Path with the following exceptions.  Those with degrees issued before 1996 may add units to complete the required 48 semester-units and they may add three core content courses post-degree, rather than only two.  They may qualify with only three units of supervised practicum, rather than the six units required of applicants for traditional licensure.  The supervised practicum requirement cannot be met post-degree for either path. 

Those who take the Traditional Path and have in-state degrees must meet the California's LPCC unit and course requirements.  Those with out-of-state degrees who take the Traditional Path must have degrees that are substantially equivalent to degrees in California, but, at the discretion of the Board, they may be able to add more core courses and units post-degree.

Supervision: Because most counselors would have received supervision before there were regulations in place, supervision for the Grandfathering Path has only minimal stipulations and counselors only need to document 1,700 post-degree supervised hours.  A nationally certified counselor or nationally registered art or dance/movement therapist may serve as the supervisor for grandparenting only. Those who take the Traditional Path will register as a PCC Intern and earn 3,000 post-degree supervised hours.  The registration number will not be assigned until all education requirements are met.

Examination: Applicants for grandparenting must pass the NCE or the CRCE, the NCMHCE and the California LPCC Law and Ethics Exam, which will be administered by the BBS.  Those applying through the Traditional Path will only need to pass the NCMHCE and the California LPCC Law and Ethics Exam for LPCCs.

Renewal: There is no difference in renewal requirements, now that the BBS has adopted the NCMHCE exam as the licensure exam for LPCCs in California.

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