FAQ: Questions About Supervision for Grandparenting

The deadline for grandparenting applications was December 31, 2011.

What about counselors who have already received post-degree supervision?

These counselors will have their supervisor(s) sign the Experience Verification form and submit it with their application to the BBS.

What if I am unable to provide documentation of my supervision?

If your former supervisor cannot be located or is deceased, you may have another person who is or was employed by the same agency provide verification of your hours.  If this is not possible, the applicant can attach the form that the supervisor signed originally to the BBS form.  It is advisable to include letter to explaining the extenuating circumstances.

If I have not already received post-degree supervision, can I do it now?

Counselors who have not received post-degree supervision may earn the 1,700 hours between now and December 31, 2011, the grandparenting application deadline, and then complete any additional hours needed in the 12 months allowed for completion of deficiencies. The BBS will not oversee supervision for grandparenting except as described below.

Do I need to register with the BBS as an LPCC Intern in order to earn supervised hours?

The answer to this question depends on the work setting and the type of counseling that is being delivered. Licensure or registration as an intern is necessary to provide psychotherapy, unless the setting is “exempt.”

Exempt setting: An “exempt” setting is defined by law as a school, college, university, governmental entity, or an entity that is both nonprofit AND charitable.

* Clinical services (psychotherapy) may be provided and supervised hours earned in exempt settings without intern registration.

Non-exempt setting: Examples of “non-exempt” settings are private practices, for-profit hospitals, businesses, organizations or entities that are nonprofit but NOT charitable. Because psychotherapy is regulated by the BBS, the practice of psychotherapy by an unlicensed or unregistered person in a non-exempt setting is considered unprofessional conduct and is subject to citation, fine, possible criminal prosecution and denial of future applications to the Board.

* Clinical services (psychotherapy) may not be provided in a “non-exempt” setting until registration as an intern has been issued by the Board, nor will hours be counted toward the supervision requirement.

* Non-clinical services, such as career counseling, may be provided without registration as an intern, and supervised hours may be earned in a non-exempt setting.

Are there specifications for the 1,700 hours of supervised practice required for grandparenting?

For grandparenting, there are no requirements for the number of hours of group counseling, direct counseling, direct supervisor contact, or limitations on administering tests, writing progress notes, delivering client centered advocacy, etc.

Counselors and supervisors can be guided by the LPCC law’s grandparenting language: Section 4999.54. (a)(1)(C) Has at least two years, full-time or the equivalent, of post-degree counseling experience, that includes at least 1,700 hours of experience in a clinical setting supervised by a licensed marriage and family therapist, a licensed clinical social worker, a licensed professional clinical counselor, or equivalent, a licensed psychologist, a licensed physician and surgeon specializing in psychiatry, or a master’s level counselor or therapist who is certified by a national certifying or registering organization, including, but not limited to, the National Board for Certified Counselors or the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification.  A form for the supervisor to sign is included in the grandparenting application.

What is considered to be a clinical setting?

Examples of a clinical setting might be a government or non-profit agency, a school or a private practice that provides mental health counseling or psychotherapy.

How is it that I can receive supervised hours for providing non-clinical counseling services, but I must deliver them in a clinical setting?

The bill language for grandparenting does not specify the type of supervised counseling services, but it does specify that such hours must be gained in a clinical setting.

Who can be a supervisor for the hours required for grandparenting?

A supervisor is a mental health professional who will consult with the counselor on his or her client cases, usually on a weekly basis. This is not necessarily the person to whom the counselor reports in the organization. This person does not necessarily work at the counselor’s site or even within the same organization. The mental health license or certification that a supervisor must hold is named above, but for grandparenting, the licensed supervisor does not have to have been approved by the BBS.  After grandparenting the requirements for supervision and for supervisors will become more stringent.

How do counselors record their hours to meet the grandparenting requirement?

The Experience Verification form for the supervisor to sign is included in the grandparenting application packet 1 B.
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