FAQ: Requirements for Grandparenting

The deadline for grandparenting applications was December 31, 2011.

What are the requirements for grandparenting into the LPCC?

Grandparented counselors must meet requirements that are equivalent to the marriage and family therapy and clinical social work professions that are already licensed in California.

Counselors will need to meet minimum requirements in three areas.


Applicants must hold a master’s or doctoral degree, from an accredited or approved institution, in counseling or psychotherapy, have completed 48 units, the required core content courses, and pre-degree practicum or field study, but they may take courses post-degree, as long as their degree had a minimum number of the required courses. There is a sliding scale of the number of courses that must be within the degree, depending on when the degree was granted. Additional coursework or continuing education is also required.  See Licensing Requirements During Grandparenting Period.


Counselors will need two years post-masters degree experience that includes 1,700 hours of post-degree supervised experience in a clinical setting by an appropriate supervisor. See Questions About Supervision for Grandparenting in the Frequently Asked Questions section for more detail here.


Counselors must pass the following three exams for grandfathering:

  • The National Counselor Examination (NCE) or the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Examination (CRCE) and
  • The National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Examination (NCMHCE) and
  • A California jurisprudence and ethics exam, when developed by the BBS

See Exams for LicensureQuestions About Exams for Grandparenting 

Currently licensed MFTs and LCSWs in the State of California can be grandparented as LPCCs, if they meet the above education requirements, the 9 core content areas. They do not have to document the above additional continuing education requirements, since these courses have been required for their license renewal over the past few years. They have already met the supervision requirement.The BBS Board has determined that MFTs and LCSWs will need to pass an examination on the differences between the practices of their professions and the practice of professional clinical counseling, in order to be grandparented as a LPCC. These differences appear to be in the areas of research, appraisal/testing, and career development. These “gap” exams will be administered by the BBS and are expected to be available this fall.

For more detail on grandparenting requirements view the summary of the grandfathering requirements, including a list of the required courses.

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