Featured CALPCC Online Course:
Mental Health Recovery-Oriented Care in California - 45 CE Units

This course was been developed for those with out-of-state degrees, who are applying for licensure as a LPCC or a LMFT in California.

It was developed by a team of members of the California Association for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (CALPCC), including university professors and practitioners in the mental health environment.

We hope that our course does more than meet the requirement for California licensure and that our shared knowledge and experience will give you the background, resources and skills that you will need to practice in California’s Recovery-Oriented environment.

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Setting up a Private Practice

Videos and articles by Anthony Centore of Thriveworks with an extra bonus!  Members can send Anthony questions they have regarding Private Practice.  Here's just a sampling of articles and videos:

  • Video - Making the Transition from Technician to Entrepreneur
  • Video - How to Start a Counseling Practice in 7 Days
  • Staying Small to Grow Big
  • What if it was 10 times more difficult to become a Counselor
  • For Counselors Online Reviews Present Perplexing Challenges
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