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THE LPCC (Licensed professional Clinical Counselors)

Applications for the LPCC in California

Applications are available on the Board of Behavioral Sciences website.

Applicants are advised not to call the BBS to ask if their application has been received. Following are ways to know if the BBS has received your application:
  1.  Include a self-addressed envelope or post card (on top of your application), which the BBS will return to you and you will know that they have received your application packet.  You could also mail your packet in a manner that includes tracking.
  2.  An indication that the BBS has received your application is when they cash your check.  

Applications for those with a California degree: 

Associate Application:  This application is appropriate for those who have completed degrees in California and are applying for a registration number, so they can complete their 3,000 hours of supervised practice over a two-year period.  Those who began their graduate education before August 1, 2012 and complete it before December 31, 2018 will use Form A of the Degree Program Certification form.  Those who started their graduate education on or after August 1, 2012 will use Form B of the Degree Program Certification form.  Both forms are a part of this application.

Exam Eligibility Application:  This application is for counselors who have completed all the education requirements and gained all supervised experience in California and are ready to take the NCMHCE.  It is not for those who have any out-of-state experience or licensure.

Applications for those with an out-of-state degree who apply on or after January 1, 2016:  

Associate Application:  This application is for those who were a resident of another state while earning a degree from an institution in another state, or a resident of California while enrolled in an online program based in another state. 

Application for Licensure and Examination:  This application is for counselors with an out-of-state degree or license.

Online Degrees

California residents who have earned an online degree from an institution located in another state will apply as an out-of-state applicant.  See an overview of the out-of-state requirements:

Request for Initial License Issuance

Submit this form after all requirements have been met, including passage of exams:

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