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AATBS - The #1 source for exam prep

AATBS - Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences

AATBS specializes in preparation for mental health licensure examinations and continuing education. Since 1976, AATBS has successfully prepared over 22,000 counseling candidates for their licensing exams. Clinical Counselor Interns, we have you covered!

Click here to view our California Law & Ethics Study Package

Gerry Grossman Seminars

Gerry Grossman Seminars provides a comprehensive California Law & Ethics study package designed for APCCs. The package includes a one-day workshop, our 2020 LPCC textbook, LPCC online testbank with 6 complete 75-question exams, LPCC flashcards, and audio. Self-study option available.

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NCMHCE Preparation Workshop

The NCMHCE is unlike any exam you have ever taken. The secret to passing lies in learning to think like the test. This online workshop addresses both the key exam content as well as the essential mindset and strategies needed to pass this challenging exam.


Discover the Clinical Mental Health Counselor Handbook & Study Guide

(CMHCH), DSM-5 - 3rd Edition, 2015

PTI's Package: 

  • The CMHCH

    Covers ALL NCMHCE content domains
    Test-taking chapter analyzes case simulations, builds critical skills for NCMHCE format
  • Online practice simulations (ExamAce) REALISTICALLY simulates the

NCMHCE experience (Free Sample)
Reports identify content area strengths and weaknesses 
Explanations for all answers

  • 450 Flashcards - all NCMHCE areas
  • Innovative Study Aides 

Crossword Puzzles 
Key-Word Concepts 
10-Steps to Diagnosis 
11-Step Case Analysis Model 
Study Plans
Time Management Forms - Founded 1995

Dr. Linton’s DSM-5 Online Study Prep NCMHCE 6TH Edition

DSM-5 Comprehensive Review
  • 100+ Simulations
  • Diagnostic Alerts
  • Instructional Narrative Process
  • Instructional Case Dissection
  • Video Strategies
  • Group, Supervision, Service Delivery
  • Unlimited Access 24/7
  • Assessment Tools
  • Flash Cards
  • Secrets to Passing
  • Medical Rule Out
  • Theories and Techniques
  • Audio/Video Materials
FREE simulations and e-mails


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