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THE LPCC (Licensed professional Clinical Counselors)

LPCC Scope limitations 

Business and Professions Code 4999.20

“Assessment” shall not include the use of projective techniques in the assessment of personality, individually administered intelligence tests, neuropsychological testing, or utilization of a battery of three or more tests to determine the presence of psychosis, dementia, amnesia, cognitive impairment, or criminal behavior. 

Professional clinical counselors shall refer clients to other licensed health care professionals when they identify issues beyond their own scope of education, training, and experience.

“Professional clinical counseling” does not include the provision of clinical social work services.

LPCCs in California can meet with Couples and Families with no additional training:

LAW AB-462: Updated Scope of Practice for LPCCs

As of January 1, 2022, LPCCs are no longer required to complete additional coursework in order to treat couples and families

AB-462 effectively removes barriers, including additional coursework and specialized hours required to treat children/couples as an associate in order to be qualified to treat these populations when licensed. 

AB-462 has gone into effect retroactively, meaning that clinicians at all different professional levels are now able to treat these populations, even if previously they did not have the required prerequisites. 

Please click here to read the BBS official FAQ on the implementation of AB-462.

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