THE LPCC (Licensed professional Clinical Counselors)

Approved Supervisors

Approved supervisors must have been licensed for two years in California, as a licensed professional clinical counselor, marriage and family therapist, clinical psychologist, clinical social worker, or physician and surgeon certified in psychiatry.  They must have a current and valid license that is not under suspension or probation.

Supervisors must  have received 6 hours of professional training in supervision within 60 days of supervising the first intern and 6 hours of supervision training in each renewal period while providing supervision. 

Supervisors cannot have provided therapeutic services to the clinical counselor trainee or intern, have a personal relationship that undermines the effectiveness of the supervision, or be a family member by blood or marriage. 

Supervisors should be familiar with the BBS regulations re. supervision:  Reg.1820 - 1822, pp. 142 - 146 and statute sections 4999.42 - 4999.47, pp.  105 - 109 in the BBS Statutes and Regulations 

The forms supervisors will need are under Forms & Pubs on the BBS website:
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