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Text Ads (with Optional Logo)

Text Listings include the advertiser's text, a url link to its website or to a pdf flyer.

 3 0%$150 $210 $270 +   $50
 6 10%$270 $378 $486 +   $75
 12 15% $510 $714 $918 + $100

*   Maximum Words
** Logo Image size approximately 150px by 150px

Graphic Ads  (300PX BY 250PX)

Graphic Ads include the advertiser's graphics or logo, a url link to its website and a text listing of 50 words.

 3 0%$600
 6 10%$1,080
 12 15% $2,040

Advertising Categories

The following categories for advertising on CALPCC’s website are available. Ads will be placed on one of the following pages accessed from the CALPCC Home Page.

  1. Course Providers (includes Continuing Education, Graduate Courses, Exam Preparation, and Graduate Programs)
  2. Upcoming Events (Conferences, meetings, workshops)
  3. Professional Services (Professional liability insurance, legal assistance, books, assessments, etc.)

Note: Other types of ads, not included here, will be evaluated and agreed upon by CALPCC. Website advertising space is limited and is available at CALPCC’s discretion. See the Advertising Policies for more information. Furthermore, by advertising with CALPCC, you understand that CALPCC does NOT endorse any specific programs or institutions.  

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