2018 Call for nominations

2018 Election Timeline

  • March 23: Call for Nominations sent to Membership  

  • April 30:  Applications for Candidacy are due

  • May 21:  The Nominating Committee will present a slate to the membership for a vote  

  • June 11:  Ballots are due

  • July 1:    2018-2019 Board takes office

2018 Call for Nominations Overview

The Nominating Committee invites members to become involved in our growing professional association as a Board Member or as a Committee Member

The CALPCC Nominating Committee is preparing for the annual election, which will provide the Board leadership needed for July 2018-June 2019.  In addition, we need to build strong committees through member participation.

Clinical Members are licensed as LPCCs in CA and are eligible to vote for the Board Directors and to serve on the Board.

Affiliate Members are not licensed as LPCCs in California, but hold a master’s or doctoral degree and are engaged in the mental health field through their professional work such as teaching, research, leadership and advocacy.  In January 2018, the Board amended its Bylaws to make Affiliate Members eligible to vote for Board Directors and to serve as Board Directors.  Affiliate Members will comprise no more than 40% of the board.

We encourage Clinical Members and Affiliate Members to submit their names for a Board Director position.

Pre-licensed Members (students and associates) are eligible to vote for the Pre-licensed member of the Board. Students and Associates are invited to submit their names for the Pre-licensed Board Director position.

Emeritus Members cannot serve on the Board or vote for Directors, but we would be pleased to have them serve on Committees.

The CALPCC Board:

CALPCC has a 15-member Board of Directors including five Officers: President, President Elect, Past President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Every third year we elect a Treasurer-Elect, who will prepare for a three-year term as Treasurer.  This year the Nominating Committee is seeking:

  • President-Elect - must have served on Board at least one year (3-year term)

  • Secretary (2-year term)

  • Two Board positions (3-year term)

  • One Student/Associate Board position (1-year term)

In developing the voting slate, the Nominating Committee will take into consideration geographic representation and counseling specialties represented in the membership.  The Committee will be looking for the skills and experiences that will enable candidates to take leadership roles with committees or key projects to move CALPCC forward. We are looking for candidates with previous board and committee experience.  We are particularly looking for marketing, leadership, organizational, advocacy, legislative, and financial skills.  See Criteria for Board Membership >>  

Board Directors:  If you meet the Criteria for Board Membership and would like to be considered for placement of the ballot, please submit the Board Member Application >> 

Pre-licensed Board Director:  Students and Associates are eligible to run for the Pre-licensed position on the Board and they will receive a ballot to elect this person.  Check Student/Associate Board Member on the Board Member Application >>

CALPCC Committees:

All members are invited to serve on a CALPCC Committee.  Please see Committee Descriptions and register your interest on the Committee Member Application

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